As with many other components in modern cars & vans, your car air conditioning also has many parts, including gas levels, compressor oils, seals and condensers that require regular maintenance.

With normal use, it is common to lose up to 15% of the gas in the air conditioning system each year. This significantly reduces the performance of the air conditioning unit. A vehicles’ air conditioning unit running low on gas will have to work harder, using more fuel for the same output.

If you experience an unpleasant or bad odour in your vehicle, this can be due to the build-up of bacteria in the ducting and air vents inside your car.  This can be resolved with regular service and treatment.


Air Conditioning Service

Just as much as any other part of your vehicle, your car’s Air Conditioning requires regular maintenance in order to operate correctly.

We provide re-gas/re-condition of R134a & 1234yf. 

Many people perceive car air conditioning for use just during the summer months, but it also is used to demist windows in winter months.

Correct maintenance can help to avoid expensive repairs in the long term.

For the cleanest cabin air, we recommend that we change your cabin filter at the time.

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This includes re-gas (R134a / 1234yf), compressor oil replacement, air vents and ducts treated with an anti-bacterial cleaner.